Tilde New Music Festival

Dear MCL member,

The concert information that follows may of interest to some members.


Dear MCL,

Could this be passed on to the members? Tickets are now up and available!

I have included the promo poster, and the program as it stands (excluding fixed media). It’s massive.

There are three parts to the program.

Friday the 22nd of January: Discussion on Virtuosity in New Music, chaired by Daryl Buckley of ELISION Ensemble. https://www.artscentremelbourne.com.au/whats-on/2016/the-channel/composure-tilde-new-music-festival

Saturday the 23rd of January and Sunday the 24th of January: http://www.tilde.net.au/festival (two day passes are available here too)

There’s something for everyone, so please share it as far and as wide with friends, colleagues, students, etc! Tickets are exceptionally cheap for an event of this magnitude.

Tilde New Music Festival is dedicated to the presentation and promotion of rarely-heard contemporary Australasian art music, giving listeners the opportunity not only to experience new and innovative works in a relaxed festival environment, but also to meet and interact with the practitioners and other interested parties. Covering notated and improvised music, the sonic arts, and the intersections with other art forms including theatre, dance, performative and visual art, and literature, Tilde New Music Festival 2016 offers a low-cost and high-quality, grass- roots festival with food, drink, installations, performances, visual art, discussion, and much more.

For its third year, the festival will run over three days and three sites: The Channel on Friday evening, Testing Grounds on Saturday and the Aus- tralian Institute of Music on Sunday. This is on the back of its inaugural five-day academy, which aims to teach young people through hands-on en- gagement about contemporary music making, and a themed public discussion about contemporary music.

I hope to see you all there!


Vincent Giles
Composer | Sound Artist
Ph.: +61 402 655 177
W: http://www.vgiles.net
Co-Artistic Director: Tilde New Music & Sound Art
Festival: http://www.tilde.net.au/festival
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