George Dreyfus – Picket a Wagner Premiere to Protest Dad’s Unperformed Opera

Please come be noisy and inappropriate outside the premiere of Opera Australia’s Ring Cycle to protest them never having performed Dad’s opera “The Gilt-Edge Kid” which they commissioned from him in 1969. We’ll sing one of the songs from the opera, “The Ballad of the Dead Guerrilla Leader” a few times, shout, dress up weird as we want and wave placards.

If this sounds like a weird thing to do, and like you’re missing a bunch of backstory…. well, it is, and I’ll explain later. But it’s a pretty unique way to spend a Monday, it’ll be a bunch of silly fun, and we might get to offend some snooty rich old people. Plus we’ll be making my dad’s year. Maybe even his entire 80s…

I might organise a rehearsal of the song, it’s pretty easy but a run-through wouldn’t hurt. For those concerned about singing, shouting will do just fine. This is the song, sung by dad We’re simplifying and cutting it a bit, I’ll post that version once it exists.


Picket a Wagner Premiere to Protest Dad’s Unperformed Opera

Monday, November 21 at 6 PM

State Theatre (Melbourne)

Victorian Arts Centre, St. Kilda Road.

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