Multiple Keyboards: New Works for Piano Duet and 2-4 Pianos/Toy Pianos

The two curators of the project, Michael Hannan and Diana Blom, are composers but also keyboard players.  Michael plays the piano, organ and harpsichord and has recently become a toy piano player; Diana plays piano, harpsichord and toy piano. Both have their music and playing released on CD.  The project, Multiple Keyboards, explores the sound combination of keyboards through solo pieces for two instruments, duets, duos and quartets, with instruments in pure and mixed ‘consorts’.  We are proud to be able to present the concert in the Theme & Variations piano showroom, a venue rich with keyboard possibilities. A recording of the works, which will also include other works for two carillons, multi-track harpsichord and organ duet, will be released in 2017 through Wirripang Media Pty. Ltd.

Concert on Thursday, 8th December, 7pm

Theme & Variations Showroom

451 Willoughby Road, Willoughby, Sydney

Keyboard players: Antonietta Loffredo, Liam Viney, Anna Grinberg, Jennifer Macritchie, Pablo Puente Madarnas, Paul Smith, Felicity Martin, Michael Hannan, Diana Blom

Tickets: $25, $20 concession – available at the door

Bookings through ClassikOn

Piano duo works by Michael Hannan, Paul Smith, Diana Blom
Piano duet works by Felicity Martin, Michael Hannan, Diana Blom
Four piano works by Diana Blom
Work for piano and toy piano (two players) by Paul Smith
Work for piano and toy piano (one player) by Diana Blom
Work for two toy pianos (one player) by Andrián Pertout
Work for two toy pianos (two players) by Michael Hannan