Live review: Alan Griffiths’ 50th Birthday Concert

 A full time artist’s life is inevitably filled with a mixture of commissions and passion projects, and often the balance is difficult to strike. To remain afloat as a composer, the many necessary jobs and commissions may overtake the importance of one’s personal pursuits, often to leave them unfinished or unheard. Australian/New Zealand composer Alan Griffiths has enjoyed a career spanning about 30 years, which have consisted of dozens of commissions from commercial works to feature films. However, he celebrated his 50th birthday with a concert featuring the compositions that mean the most to him. This included world premieres of some recent chamber works, and a full performance of his new solo piano album Introspection. The line-up for this concert was world class, featuring multi award winning violinist Zoe Freisberg and cellist Gemma Tomlinson, and internationally recognised pianist and Young Steinway Artist Nicholas Young.

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