Pearls of Russian and Tatar Music

After recently presenting the music of Tatarstan composers as part of the Melbourne Composers League presents ‘East Meets West: A Concert of New Chamber Music from Australia and Tatarstan for Clarinet Trio’, I will now be presenting this locally unknown music for a second time as part of the ‘Pearls of Russian and Tatar Music’ event.  This is not an MCL event, but a concert that I am personally curating, which will feature Arcko Symphonic Ensemble, Australian pianist Michael Kieran Harvey, and conductor Timothy Phillips.  The concert will feature music for piano and strings by Rashid Kalimullin, Elena Anisimova, Leonid Lyubovsky, Anatoly Luppov, Julia Beck, Elmir Nizamov, and Ilgam Baytiryak.  Having travelled to Kazan in September; meeting some of the featured composers in person, working with the Tatarstan National Symphony Orchestra, I must say that I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to connect with this dynamic culture.  I should point out that Kazan (the capital of Tatarstan, an antonymous republic still part of the Russian Federation) is a UNESCO World Heritage city.  It has a “population of about 1 million,” and is “one of the biggest cultural centres in Russia.”  Statistical data suggests that “one out of three children aged from 6 to 15 years, studies art or music,” which is simply a remarkable statistic that you will not encounter but in a few selected corners of the world.  Melbourne Composers’ League members are all welcome to attend the event at the concession price.

Pearls of Russian and Tatar Music

A Concert of Orchestral New Music from Russia and Tatarstan
Featuring Arcko Symphonic Ensemble & Australian Pianist Michael Kieran Harvey
Conducted by Timothy Phillips

7.30pm, Friday, 15 December, 2017 Church of All Nations (CAN), Carlton, Melbourne, Australia

Tickets: $25/$20 concession


Rashid Kalimullin: Symphony No. 4 for string orchestra, Symphony No. 6 ‘Children of Heaven’ for piano and string orchestra

Elena Anisimova: Spring Dance for the string orchestra

Leonid Lyubovsky: Litany for celesta and string orchestra

Anatoly Luppov: Two Preludes for string orchestra

Julia Beck: Continuum for pianoforte and string orchestra

Elmir Nizamov: At the Wailing Wall for string orchestra

Ilgam Baytiryak: A Melody of the Ural Waters for string orchestra, Machine for string orchestra


Andrián Pertout (MCL President)