São Paulo Contemporary Composers Festival

My name is Brianna Ricci and I am the Director of Communications of the São Paulo Contemporary Composers Festival.We are excited to invite composers to apply for this year’s festival, which will happen on September 21st-30th. Opportunities include professional ensembles to compose for, professional studio recordings, live broadcast of the concerts, lectures/masterclasses with our visiting guests, and exclusive tours of the city.Additionally, two composers will be selected to have an orchestral composition premiered by the Brazilian National Theatre Claudio Santoro Symphony Orchestra.  The work should not exceed eight minutes.  Only admitted applicants are eligible for this opportunity.  Works should be submitted no later than September 1st.  Results will be announced on September 15th.  

Please share this opportunity with your students and other composers that might be interested.

More information at: www.spccfestival.com


Brianna Ricci
Director of Communications
São Paulo Contemporary Composers Festival