2018 IHS Composition Contest:Prizes: $1250 for Each Division

2018 IHS Composition Contest – Randall Faust, Composition Contest Coordinator – Prizes: $1250 for Each Division

Dear Composer Friends–and Friends of Composers:

This next year, we will celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Composition Contest of The International Horn Society!   During the past four decades this project has supported the composition of hundreds of new works for the Horn.  Composers and Hornists have had a great ongoing relationship dating back–at least–to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Joseph Ignaz Leutgeb.  During my presentation at the recent International Horn Symposium, I noted many more collaborations between Hornists and Composers.  So, if you are a Composer-talk to your local Hornist, and if you are a Hornist-talk to your local composer.  We are encouraging your collaboration as you submit new works to this year’s Composition Contest of the International Horn Society.

The deadline for submissions to the 2018 International Horn Society Composition Contest is December 1, 2018.


1. Feature Division Compositions in this division are works of moderate difficulty.  

The horn part be playable by the entire spectrum of hornists within the International Horn Society: students, amateurs, and professionals. It should have musical content with integrity to honor professional hornists, yet within the pitch and technical range of the panorama of student and amateur players.

2. Virtuoso.  Compositions in this division have no difficulty limitation.


Featured Division

Two or more horns with a keyboard instrument (one keyboard performer). Keyboard instruments may include piano, harpsichord, organ, electronic keyboard, or mallet percussion.

Virtuoso Division

• Solo horn featured with large ensemble
• Horn ensemble (two or more players – all horns)
• Horn with chamber ensemble of three or more players (one horn part only). The chamber ensemble may include any acoustic or electronic instruments
• Solo horn and keyboard instrument. Keyboard instruments may include piano, harpsichord,

organ, electronic keyboard, or mallet percussion • Solo horn (unaccompanied)

For more information, rules, and electronic submission see the Composition Contest Portal at The International Horn Society Website: hornsociety.org/about-the-ihs/composition-projects/composition-contest


Randall E. Faust

International Horn Society Composition Contest Coordinator

Randall E. Faust, D.M.A.
Retired Professor of Music, Western Illinois University
Hornist: The Camerata Woodwind Quintet
and LaMoine Brass Quintet