Composers Forum in Vienna, Austria

The VSMF Composers is currently accepting participants for its 2022 season, which will take place in June 26th – July 10th..  
Accepted participants will have a performance of their composition by PHACE, the leading contemporary performance ensemble led by Reinhard Fuchs.  

In addition to a performance by PHACE, selected participants will have the opportunity to have reading and recording of a work for solo violin by Irvine Arditti.

Additionally, we are proud to announce that icarus Quartet will be joining the Vienna Summer Music Festival as our Ensemble in Residence.  Admitted participants may also choose to write for this ensemble as well.

Accepted participants will:

• Attend rehearsals of their pieces in preparation for the performances
• Attend daily classes, lessons, and masterclasses with the VSMF faculty
• Tour the historical city of Vienna.

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More information can be found here:

Diogo Carvalho
Director of Composers Forum
Vienna Summer Music Festival