Fields of Colour (for flute and percussion duo) – COLIN McKELLAR

“Fields of Colour” – performed by Johanna Selleck (flute), Peter Neville (percussion) and Steve Falk (percussion)

Program Note

The piece is freely constructed from an immediacy of emotional expression. While adding the markings, I noticed something about the musicality of the language that is used in conjunction with musical expression. Words like: “Murmure” – whispered; “Cache” – hidden, discrete, subtle; “Meditativo” – mediative, thoughtful; “Lontano” – far off, remote, from a distance; “Coup de vent, comme un” – like a gust of wind, breathy; and “Zuversichtlich” – confident, hopeful. There is a crossing between the threshold of language/concept and musical perception. Something that is complicit in the idea of Tone as a living energy: that one note is born out of another; and also that “first there was the word”- The Spirit.