MOSAICS : live concert and studio recordings 1998 – 99

In the spirit of the MCL’s charter to represent the music of our members, the CD contains a diverse selection of music from the ‘Mosaics” series of concerts. All tracks were performed at the Richmond Town Hall in 1998 and 1999, with the exception of  three solo piano works which were re-recorded in the ABC studios. All masterworks recorded by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and used with permission.



1 - 2Elegies (I & II)Philip Czaplowski3:37
3Drums and BassAndrew Batterham7:58
4AkkordBrendan Colbert4:00
5After the CryHaydn Reeder6:52
6Three Sounds on BuildingsBrigid Burke4:28
7 - 8Three Swift Mornings on Mount Gravatt (I & II)Warren Burt3:32
9What?Howard Dillon6:26
10 - 11Conflux (I & II)Paul Moulatlet4:35
12Three Minute RaceAndrew Blyth2:37
13PasarPeter Myers1:31
14Nen DanceJoseph Giovinazzo4:16
15Movements in TimeThomas Reiner5:04