Old Man Kangaroo – COLIN McKELLAR




Space heat openness, characteristic  Australian lahdscape- insects distant horizon- high skies. Evocative, indigenous expressions.

Brilliant blazing heat contrasted  with cool escarpments  with vegetation and water.

Running through the landscape is the continuity  of human habitation and interaction of our indigenous peoples for 150,000 years backwards to the beginning of time.

Old Man  kangaroo, Giant kangaroo Ancestor and Guardian of the land. Banjul and Rainbow Serpent.



Bars 1- 2 > 5/4   Opening – Continuity with the land theme, habitation and interaction with the landscape.

Bars 3-11 > 5/4   Further melodic material, Distance and Depth of the land, the landscape absorbs the sunlight into itself deep into the rock crevices.

Bars 12-13 >12/2   (free time) gliss and pedal finishing on held long pedals. Abstract vastness of time and space.

Bars 14-20 > 5/4   space, outback- broken quick pin points and metal sounding

Bars 21-22 > 12/2   Splintered Sunlight

Bars 23-28 > 7/4   repetition figure, melodic open space, oneness with the power of nature. Bars29-31>10/4 short melodic link – the  landscape aches with encounter

Bars 32-33 > 12/2   multiphonics and singing through  the tone. Pain, inner knowledge  of changed conditions.

Bars 34-40 > 3/4   Scottish/ Irish impression theme. Bars41-47>6/8 further  Scottish/Irish theme

Bars 48-50 > 12/2   Colonial Conflict- pedals and silences

Bars 5l > l0/4   short link, melodic. Moments  of acquiescence from either side.

Bars 52 > 12/2   Timbral trill segment. Shuddering reverberations throughout the landscape.

Bar 53-61 > 5/4   melody. Emerging nation going forward, but with unfinished treaty  and ongoing blood stain- further loss of identity.

Bars 62-70 > 3/4   Kangaroo  Stretch, Aboriginal indestructible Spirit, even within the newly arrived colonial situation.

Bars 71-98 > 6/4    Augmented/ Diminished melodic material-century of development of modern Australia.

Bars 99-101 > 12/2   Mouthpiece off-using a recorder head over lead pipe, timbrel  trill blowing air softly-spirit of  the passed.

Bars102-108 > 5/4   Recapitulation, opening materials in retrograde, except  first two bars “Remain at the end as at the Beginning”

Bars 109-114 > 7/4   Treaty, Growth, Ecological Consciousness