REAR VISION : live concert recordings 1998 – 2008

Rear Vision is a collection of exciting, unusual, expressive, challenging or whimsical works by 27 Australian composers. This Melbourne Composers’ League double compact disc celebrates ten years of concerts, workshops, an international festival, dinners and barbeques, and represents the output of composers working together. The works presented on this compact disc have been recorded at either an Elbow Room café concert, a Mosaics concert, our Asian-Pacific festival Federation Music Week, or at one of our cross-cultural concerts with Japan, Korea, Turkey, Romania, Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

Produced by Andrián Pertout
Mastered by Michael Costa at Stream AV Pty. Ltd., Melbourne, Australia, 7-23 February, 2008
Cover design and graphics by Andrián Pertout
Front cover artwork ‘THREE’ (2003) by Nevin Hink
Special thanks to Eve Duncan and Antonio Tenace

Featured Performers:

Michael Kieran Harvey – pianoforte; Barrie Webb – trombone; Speak Percussion: Steve Falk, Justin Marshall, Peter Neville, Daniel Richardson; Australian Contemporary Chorale conducted by Hildy Essex; Isin Cakmakcioglu – violin; Rachel Atkinson – violoncello; Danaë Killian – pianoforte;  Natasha Anderson – alto recorder;  Geoffrey Morris – acoustic guitar; Prism: Claire Nicholson – flute, Doug Leutchford – clarinet, Edit Golder – pianoforte; Carmen Chan – marimba; Anne Norman – shakuhachi; Peter Hagen – harpsichord; Eugene Ughetti – snare drum; Peter Neville – percussion & marimba; Mark Knoop – pianoforte; Carl Rosman – bass clarinet; Robert Chamberlain – pianoforte; Ros Bandt – tarhu; Clarion 214: Ashley McDougall – E flat Clarinet, Robert Schubert – B flat clarinet, Andrew Seymour – B flat clarinet, Richard Mason – bass clarinet).


1BurstHoward Dillon8:11
2DragonflyEve Duncan2:01
3 - 4TragoudiaRos Bandt7:27
5ScrubberRoss Hazeldine3:07
6AgiteBrendan Colbert11:56
7Seeds of PassionAndrián Pertout4:37
8Lost WorldsHelen Gifford8:15
9We are Young and FreeJesmond Grixti5:24
10In the Shape of EmbraceJoseph Giovinazzo7:45
11Red MoonPhilip Czaplowski5:15
12Frenetic Fantasy EtudeEugene Ughetti7:05
13Music for Solo CelloPeter Tahourdin6:08


1I Had a DreamBrenton Broadstock4:54
2Spirits PathsGary McKie3:37
3KaemeleonAntonio Tenace4:46
4 - 6Three SketchesThomas Reiner6:01
7Strong Song and DisplayHaydn Reeder5:06
8Fool from Words of WisdomKaty Abbott1:53
9OblivionSebastian Harris12:09
10CarlinWendy Suiter6:01
11VortexPaul Moulatlet4:35
12WinterPeter Graham8:53
13Twelve HoursColin McKellar0:57
14MicrocosmsSimon Charles2:06
15Sixty-Second RagJulian Cafarella1:01
16IncantationPeter Myers11:04
17Murrundindi RiverDindy Vaughan2:50

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