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Federation Music Week

27 September, 2001 - 30 September, 2001

In September 2001, the Melbourne Composers’ League presented an enthralling festival of international contemporary music by members of the Asian Composers League, performed by Australia’s premier musicians.

There were more than 40 Australian premieres in 17 concerts and seminars over four days.

Federation Music Week featured concerts by the Ormond College Choir, percussion ensembles, string quartets and electro-acoustic music, as well as artists such as Michael Kieran Harvey, Barrie Webb, Geoffrey Morris, Julia Ryder and many others.

Concerts and seminars took place in central Melbourne venues including Melba Hall, the Ian Potter Museum, and Richmond Town Hall.


Program of Events

Thursday, 27 September, 2001

1.30 pm – Melba Hall Foyer – Festival Registration
5.30 pm Melbourne Museum – Festival Opening

Peter Sculthorpe Irkanda I – Helfried Fister
Improvisation – Brigid Burke & Ian Wilmot
Fujii Dancing Bones – Barrie Webb
Dijeridu – Amos Roach
Julian Yu Crossing – Mardi McSullea

8.00 pm Melba Hall – Concert

WingWah Chan Impact for Four Percussion – SPEAK!
Roxanne Della-Bosca Five Piano Miniatures – Michael Kieran Harvey
Kanako Okamoto Crystal Vision – Michael Kieran Harvey
De-Qing Wen Complainte (Lament) – De-Quing Wen & Collective
Isao Matsushita Interwaves III – Vanessa Tomlinson
Cheung Wai Hui The WuWu Dance – Michael Kieran Harvey
Brendan Colbert Agite III – Michael Kieran Harvey
Clarence Mak Morning Hill – SPEAK!


Friday, 28 September, 2001

10.00 am Melba Hall – Seminar

Peter Tahourdin and the desire to marry the Old and New Worldsby Dr. Joel Crotty

Cappriccio – Edit Golder
Dialogue #4 – Barrie Webb & Peter Neville
Songs of Love & Fortune – Matthew Henrik & Edit Golder

11.30 am Melba Hall – Concert

Stuart Greenbaum Five of One, Half a Dozen of the Other – Melbourne University Wind Ensemble
Melita White Can dy lu minous – Melanie Chilianis
Jiesun Lim String Quartet no.3 – Silo String Quartet
Philip Brownlee Harakeke – Mardi McSullea
Colin Bright The Wild Boys – SPEAK! & Melbourne University Wind Ensemble

1.30 pm Melba Hall – Electro-acoustic concert

Gary McKie Orbiting
Ron Nagorka Colluricincia harmonica
David Brown Money’s Dark Night – Interactive electronics
Warren Burt 21 Tone Boom Boom
Hideko Kawamoto The Night Ascends from the Ear Like a Butterfly

3.15 pm Melba Hall – Concert

Brian Chatpo Koo The Picture of Li-Po Reciting Poetry – Mark Knoop
Akira Kobayashi Lyra – Mary Anderson
Hayden Reeder Strong Song & Display – Edit Golder & Mark Knoop
Munieki Tsuda Hyo-ri – Edit Golder

4.45 pm Melba Hall – Seminar

Sumatran Traditional Musicby Professor Margaret Kartomi

Performance of Sumatran Music by Dr.Mauly Purba

6.10 pm Melba Hall – Concert

Peter McIlwain Songless and Waiting – Robert Chamberlain
John Elmsley Triptych – Tom Pullen
Yashiko Tsukamoto Nocturne – Mark Knoop
Kazuhiko Hattori After the Dark II – Silo String Quartet

8 pm Melba Hall – Ensemble Concert

Mark Knoop, Deborah White, Elizabeth Barcan, Brigid Burke, Dorit Herskovits, Julia Ryder, Geoffrey Morris, Peter NevilleBrigid Burke Lament at Rest
Neville Hall And, out of nothing, a breathing, hot breath on my ankles
Ross Hazeldine Scrubber
Brad Gill Undertow
Dominik Karski Matter of Perspective
Peter Myers Incantation – Natasha Anderson & Mark Knoop
Josefino Chino Toledo Salita-An


Saturday, 29 September, 2001

11.15 pm Melba hall – Seminar

George Dreyfus and the art of musical communicationby Dr. Joel Crotty

Trio – Prism
Sextet for Didjeridu & Wind Instruments – Amos Roach, Prism, George Dreyfus

1.00 pm Melba Hall – Concert

Lesleigh Thompson Roulette – Michael Kieran Harvey
Helen Gifford As foretold to… – Michael Kieran Harvey
Brenton Broadstock All that is solid melts into air – Mardi McSullea, Grania Burke, Mark Knoop
Harue Kondoh Poema II – Michael Kieran Harvey

2.30 pm Melba Hall – Concert

Kyungsun Suh String Quartet no II – Silo String Quartet
Ming-chi Chan Reverberation – Mary Anderson, Deborah White, Timothy Phillip, Anthony Briggs
Joseph Giovinazzo Thespian Encounters – Mardi McSullea
Yoshiko Mori Waterlilies – Mary Anderson, Melanie Chilianis, Grania Burke, Anthony Briggs

4.00 pm Ian Potter Museum of Art – Concert

Philip Czaplowski Elegies – Rianne Wilschut
Chan Hae Lee From the Island under the Full Moon – Barrie Webb
Thomas Reiner Oblique – Melanie Chilianis
Paul Moulatlet Conflux – Rianne Wilschut & Dorit Herskovits
Harue Konieda Elegy – Julia Ryder
Satoko Maeda sagimusume – Ellen Mentiplay, Andrew MacGregor & Dorit Herskovits
Katsumi Yokoyama Broken Branches – Barrie Webb

8.00 pm South Melbourne Town Hall – Concert

Ari Ben-Shabetai Bells: A Prayer for Peace – Edit Golder & Mark Knoop
Penny AlexanderEdge of the Air – Ormond College Choir
Ruth Lee Martin Uluru Dreaming– Ormond College Choir
Robert Jose C.Estrada Awit ni Solomon – Ormond College Choir
Gamelan – Monash Gamelan
Ramon Santos Tang-Gong-Gong-An – Percussion students of the Victorian Cillege of the Arts and the University of Melbourne, Mark Knoop, Robert Chamberlain, Mark Kruger, Kristian Chong, Josefino Chino Toledo
Yoshibumi Fukiwara Metamorphosis IV for two pianos – Edit Golder & Mark Knoop
Jung-sun Park Gloria – Ormond College Choir
David Velja svododa = freedom – Ormond College Choir
Masao Endo Bounding I – The Collective


Sunday, 30 September, 2001

1.30 am Melba Hall – Seminar

Helen Gifford’s musical geography: East meets Westby Dr. Joel Crotty

Three Short Pieces for Piano – Edit Golder
Of Old Angkor – Prism & Minako Okamoto
Plaint for Lost Worlds – Prism & Edit Golder

1.30 pm Melba Hall – Electro-acoustic Concert

David Hirst Mon Dieu
Steve Adams Etudes for Algorhythms – Interactive electronics
Garth Paine Episodes 3 & 4
Anthony Pateras/Robin Fox pf duo

3 pm Richmond Town Hall – Concert

Lai Nga Ting Ada The Eternal Voyage – Festival Quartet
Howard Dillon Burst – Helfried Fister
Kan-no Shigeru String Quartet no VI – Festival Quartet
Eve Duncan Cherubim – Helfried Fister
Sue-Ya Wang L’ile Sonnante IV – Helfried Fister
Richard Tsang Chasing Shadows – Festival Quartet & Brigid Burke





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27 September, 2001
30 September, 2001